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We understand that educating young people about responsible pet ownership and animal welfare issues is very important to make our work more sustainable. So we were thrilled to welcome a group of six students and eight teachers from The Prince Royal’s College to our headquarters in Hangdong on March 14, 2019. A presentation by our shelter manager […]


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Tara is one of our long-term residents. While she is not the youngest or the prettiest anymore, this scrappy little girl has the energy of a teenager and keeps us amused with her antics. Please sponsor Tara and help us keep our promise to her, to keep her safe and healthy, until she can find […]


Available for Adoption


These two delightful little dogs were rescued from a sever neglect situation, along with three other dogs. We believe they are mother and son and get along great with each other. Vesta is a calm and affectionate girl of 3-4 years of age. She’s healthy and likes some cuddles and enjoys her little walks. She […]


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Debbies’ Destiny»

If a nice lady didn’t take her car to a particular repair shop, little Debbie would have died alone, in a dark corner of that building. If the WVS community clinic didn’t exist, there might have been no place to take her, to receive the life-saving medical care she desperately needed. And if two kind […]


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Check out our attractive new selection of WVS Thailand cotton tees, emblazoned with our official logo and a quote by our leader and founder Luke Gamble. They are available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and come in three attractive Charcoal and Black. Why not enhance your wardrobe and support our animal welfare […]



Max used to have a home, but after his owner abandoned him, he did not know how to take care of himself and became very sick. Max has several serious health problems, including a very severe skin infection. But he still tries to be nice to people, even as he cries out in pain. Max […]



When choosing a pet, it’s easy to fall for the charms of a cute, fuzzy puppy. But puppies don’ stay that way and who knows what they’ll be like a year later. Summer is no puppy; far from it! At about 10 years of age, she’s a healthy senior, ready to give her calm affection […]



As we are all ready and eager to embrace the challenges of the year ahead, we want to share with you some of our achievements in 2018. In our third full year, Team VWS Thailand was able to set new records in some of our core activities, including sterilizations and vaccinations. The thousands of sterilizations […]


Big Surgery for little Duk Dik»

Duk Dik, a small older female dog, was brought to the WVS Community Clinic two months ago by a local lady who rescues strays. The lady takes care for her rescues as best she can, but has very little money to do so. For some time, a mass had developed on Duk Dik’s lower abdomen […]


Is There A Home For Chom Duean?»

Hi, my name is Chom Duean. I used to live at a construction campsite, but was left behind when the people who raised me moved away. The new people at the site did not want me and one day last year, I was hit by a passing car. That’s when my life became even harder […]


Urgent Appeal – Five Dogs Rescued From Severe Neglect»

Earlier this week, the WVS rescue team received an urgent request from the local government to respond to the home of a mentally unstable resident. While taking the owner of the home into custody for an earlier incident, they discovered five dogs living in the dilapidated building that needed immediate care. What our team found […]


6 Reasons why you should adopt senior dogs»

If we talk about adopting dogs, we will normally think about puppies to be the first choice. People often overlook the benefits of adopting an older dog, particularly our senior residents. So, let’s see the benefit of raising senior dogs! 1.Calm and prudent – senior dogs are calm and prudent more than puppies. They will […]


Puppies’ toy donation needed!!»

We need donations of puppies’ toy. Lately, many puppies entered the shelter of WVS Thailand.They always chew a lot of stuff, so they love to play all the time.Puppies’ toy can help them to live not a boring but happy life in our shelter.Your donation can help puppies to have lot of fun during their […]


Thank you for your support»

From October to November 2018, more than 173 dogs were rescued and treated by WVS Thailand. This number does not include the hundreds of sterilizations completed in Chiang Mai and surrounding areas during the same time period. WVS Thailand would like to thank all of our supporters and donors who contributed to our success over […]